Discover Freediving - Full day @ 110€ 

The Discover Freediving program is designed by Deep Med and is a perfect starting point for those who wish to try it out. The course is run over a full day and you will get a taste of everything a freediver goes through.

We go over some basic theory, learn the breathing techniques and then focus on the practical side to freediving; 1 confined session (pool like conditions), where you will perform static apnea, and an open water session (sea conditions) where we will put everything into practice & potentially reach a maximum depth of 10 metres.

If you are not sure weather to take our RAID Freediver (certification route) then this is the perfect option. Once you have completed this course and would like to further your freediving skills then get 10% off the RAID Freediver course.

Course topics: 

  • Basic freediving theory (physiology, the breathe up, equalisation, Mammalian dive reflex)
  • How to prepare yourself for a breath-hold dive
  • Basic safety

This is suitable for all ages and no prerequisites are required.

What's Included?

Equipment, transport to & from diving sites
1 confined session & 1 open water session
All prices are inclusive of VAT

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