RAID Freediver - Beginner / 20 metres / 3 days / 4 open water sessions @280€


  • Physiology (Feediving elements, The dive reflex, lungs and the role of oxygen and carbon dioxide, Physics - understanding pressure & stretching)
  • Safety (The Buddy system)
  • Management (equalisation, breathing for freediving, recovery breathing, freediving techniques, the buddy system, correct weighting, adventure freediving, freediving & training for freediving)
  • Confined water session (confined water session 1 & 2; swim 200 metres, freediving preparation, freediving skills, freediving safety, freediving completion)
  • Open water session (open water sessions 1 & 2; freediving preparation, freediving skills, freediving safety, freediving completion & final requirements) 


Day 1 -  The day will start with a quick introduction followed by breathing mechanics and how to breath for freediving, relaxation, equalisation, & safety. After, we will head over to the pool and start the confined water session where we will put everything into practice!

Day 2 & 3 - We finally hit the the big blue. Both days will include 4 open water sessions each lasting 1.5 hours. We will go over technique, how to warm up, setting up, safety (buddying each-other), equalisation and lots of practice! It's just like learning how to ride a bike, the more you practice the better you get!


  • 12 years of age
  • To have filled out waiver, release, medical & parental consent form (up to 18 years of age)

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Certification cost & equipment included. All prices are inclusive of VAT

Additional Information

It is run over 3 days and includes theory sessions, 2 confined water sessions and 4 open water dives. Once you have completed all the necessary requirements we will use the rest of the time to either practice the skills you have learnt or have some fun exploring Malta's underwater mystique. The choice is yours.

Once completed, you will be certified by RAID and be able to dive to depths from 10 to 20 metres comfortably, properly and effectively whilst at the same time knowing how to buddy / safety other freedivers. 

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