Freediving Malta & Gozo with Deep Med

We provide a high level of freediving education with RAID and AIDA whilst at the same time making it affordable, and giving you the most out of your freediving course. We also offer guided freediving excursions around the islands of Malta and Gozo.

There is no fast progress to freediving which is why we offer the highest amount of open water sessions during our courses. Whilst some students adapt quickly, others do not and practice makes perfect!

Group sessions are kept to a minimum of three people during a freediving course to ensure safety and most importantly to give you undivided attention. When it comes to excursions, you must be qualified in order to safety other divers.

Freediving in Malta & Gozo

The waters of Malta & Gozo offer the perfect playground for both beginners and advanced freedivers. From shallow swim-throughs, safe caves & wrecks, all the way to depth - you name it, we've got it!

An added bonus that comes with Malta is our nightlife, great food, endless history & culture, friendly people & of course a unique mediterranean blue. Please fill in the form below to contact us should you have any queries.

We've written a detailed blog on free-diving around the islands of both Malta & Gozo with some lovely pictures and exactly what to expect from freediving our beautiful little island.


Freedive instructor, Fabrice

Fabrice is a free-diving instructor and owner of Deep Med. He fell in love with freediving from the get-go, enjoying the silence and relaxation it gives, as well as pushing the mental boundaries. He was born in Malta and is willing to share his knowledge of the island.

In his past life, Fabrice used to work as a navigation officer at sea and is a keen sailor. Rather than the racing aspect, he prefers the chilled type of sailing, enjoying the breeze and listening to the sound of the water with the sails up.

Fabrice wants to show you what freediving is all about in Malta and Gozo , taking you to the best locations which will include but not be limited to; wrecks, caves, gorgeous deep blue colours and playful swim-throughs!