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Join us to explore beneath the waves

Deep Med freediving was established out of our nostalgic love for breath-holding and underwater play. But as exhilarating as it is to take the plunge and experience the silence and intimacy of the sea, Freediving is an activity that should progress slowly so that you can truly enjoy it.

This is why our beginners courses are run over four days, although we highly encourage our five day packages. All other advanced courses run over five days. The opportunity for one-off divers who are experienced and wish to train is possible. The average two or three day course, especially as a beginner, is not sufficient enough to grasp freediving skills. We want you to get the most out of your freediving education. During the five days, we will not only learn how to freedive, but also explore Gozo & and it’s many dive sites to include more time in the water adding more adventure to your freediving holiday.

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Join us to explore beneath the waves

Freediver descending into a cave

Learn how to freedive with us

Whether a newbie or an experienced freediver who wishes to sharpen your freediving skills, we’ve got you covered with daily workshops and more personalized coaching and attention. In addition, we follow and certify Molchanovs, the most up to date education system with a unique approach to freedive training.


Why Gozo?

With its laid-back way of life, peace and tranquility, coupled with its stunning underwater scenery that includes submerged caves, arches and tunnels and a fascinating marine life, Gozo was the obvious location for us to open up shop.

Fabrice, Dave and Melly all smile at the buoy

Easy to navigate

At just 67 square kilometres, Gozo is the perfect size to explore, making moving from diving spot to diving spot effortless, while the island’s shape almost always makes for calm conditions.

Magnificent diving

The island is full of secret beaches and picturesque valleys, while its clean coast, underwater visibility and jaw-dropping aquatic scenery like the infamous Blue Hole makes the island every freedivers’ paradise.

Free diving all year round

With water temperature maintaining a steady 20 degrees even during the coldest of winter months means that freediving can be enjoyed any time of the year.

Meet your freediving instructor

Fabrice is a freediving instructor and owner of Deep Med. He fell in love with freediving from the get-go, enjoying the silence, peace and calm it offers, the beauty underwater and the idea of pushing one’s physical and mental boundaries.

From a tender age he was a strong swimmer with a keen enthusiasm for the sea. Fabrice began sailing in his teens, while in his twenties he went on to study to become a navigation officer. Then, he discovered freediving and was instantly hooked. He moved away from Malta’s hustle and bustle and landed on its peaceful sister island, Gozo.

Fabrice’s passion and love for freediving is reflected in his courses, the underwater activities and excursions he offers and the services he provides. Whether for recreational or competitive purposes, Fabrice will show you what freediving is all about, while he will help you explore top freediving spots ranging from wrecks and caves, thrilling swim-throughs and the gorgeous deep blue colours of the Mediterannean Sea.

Meet your freediving instructor

Freediving instructor Fabrice

Our freediving philosophy

First and foremost, it’s important that you have fun and enjoy your journey, no matter the outcome. Freediving is all about mastering a number of individual skills, which when applied simultaneously will lead to ultimate relaxation and comfort while in the water. Progress should never be rushed. Instead, we take things slow so that both body and mind are aligned, while bearing in mind that each and every individual is different, we make sure that our training is personalised so as to achieve the best possible results.

We do not limit you to a specific depth nor do we push you to achieve a certificate, which creates expectations and needless pressure. We do encourage the potential when we see it, while we do certify you for whatever level you achieve, even if it’s your first time freediving. We also don’t believe in two-day courses that offer little time to learn all necessary skills properly. On the contrary, we recommend a week-long freediving course with rest days in between so that you can acquire new skills and techniques, put these into practice, while making the most of this journey.

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Our freediving philosophy

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Freediving?

    Also known as apnea diving and breath-hold diving, freediving is a form of underwater diving that relies on breath-holding rather than using breathing apparatus such as scuba gear.

  • How old is the discipline of freediving?

    Freediving was practiced in ancient cultures to collect food, harvest resources and to help during military campaigns. In Ancient Greece, breath-holding divers would descend to depths of up to 30 metres to collect sponges, while in Japan, ama divers collected pearls.

  • What are the top health benefits of freediving?

    From increased oxygen efficiency through the activation of our body’s mammalian dive reflex and improved lung functionality to achieving flexibility and better overall fitness, freediving can also serve as a great stress-reliever.

  • What is Molchanovs?

    The Molchanovs Movement is a global community of passionate, active freedivers with access to the latest freediving education, training, workouts and challenges, while the Molchanovs Freediving Education programme is based on the learning philosophy and expertise of top freedivers like Natalia and Alexey Molchanov.

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