1 day / 1 week
€120 / €600

What’s included

  • Certificate
  • Use of RIB
  • Excursions

Adventure Freediving

Join us for the ultimate free-diving adventure around the islands of Gozo, Comino, and Malta with our own RIB! This trip is intended for certified free-divers and is limited to a group of six people. There is no better way to explore the islands with our own boat, making it incredibly easy to find dive sites that are inaccessible by land. During our time together, we’ll get to see all that the islands have to offer, including the purposely scuttled wrecks that are popular attractions for many. One example is the P-31 wreck in Comino, which provides a perfect playground for both beginner and advanced free-divers. If you’re feeling adventurous, we can visit the P-29 wreck as well. The underwater cave systems around the islands are endless, with plenty of swim-throughs and passages to explore. The Santa Maria caves are one of the most popular and are suitable for any level with proper guidance. No matter your level, this is a week of guaranteed fun!

A typical day

Join us for an unforgettable freediving experience that is second to none. Discover the best spots, tucked away beneath Gozo's jaw-dropping cliffs, available exclusively with us.


We'll head out nice and early to beat the heat and carefully select the dive site which will be chosen by Fabrice based on the weather conditions. After the dive, we'll come back in for a lunchtime snack and then take some time to rest.

Wreck freediving

The seas around Malta and Gozo are home to a wide range of underwater wrecks, ranging in depth from 10 to 110 meters. It’s no surprise that these islands have been voted as some of the best diving destinations in Europe. Whether you’re a novice freediver looking to explore the underwater landscape or an advanced freediver seeking a thrill-seeking adventure, Malta and Gozo have something to offer. Many of the wrecks are easily accessible from shore, while others require boat services. These wrecks have rich histories, some dating back to World War II and others deliberately sunk for recreational purposes. You’ll find everything from tugboats and service boats to the old Gozo ferry among the wrecks.
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Wreck freediving

Cave freediving

Both Malta and Gozo are home to an impressive network of amazing caves and caverns, with plenty of swim-throughs for all skill levels. Some of the caves are interconnected, such as the Santa Maria caves, which are a must-dive site for any freediver visiting the islands. These caves feature underwater passages leading to other open caves that are suitable for beginner freedivers and just as exciting for more advanced divers. As you relax and take in the beauty of the light shining through the cave, you’ll be able to hear the soft sounds of nature. However, it’s important to remember that caves should not be taken lightly. Even though they can be safe, you should always listen to Fabrice and follow his instructions. A thorough debrief will be given at each dive site.

Cave freediving

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What do I need to bring with me?

    Here’s what you need to know: if you have your own diving equipment, please bring it with you on the trip, except for weights. We highly recommend wearing a UV protective vest if you plan on taking off your hood during the ride. Finally, don’t forget to bring good sunscreen.

  • Can sea-sickness effect me?

    This is a high-speed craft, so it’s very unlikely that you will feel seasick. The type of movement that typically causes motion sickness is a slow roll, which you won’t experience on this boat. However, we still recommend taking an anti-seasickness tablet before starting the journey, just to be safe.

  • Can I get certified during the training sessions?

    This trip is all about pure fun! During the open line dives, Fabrice will buddy everyone up based on their strengths as divers. It would be difficult to teach during this type of activity. If you’d like to learn more about the courses we offer, please check out this page. This is strictly for enjoyment!

  • Can I stay longer than 1 week?

    Absolutely! If you have any questions about what’s happening during your time here, just ask and Fabrice will be happy to guide you. As we all know, the best way to improve your freediving skills is by spending more time in the water. If you want to focus on improving your skills, check out what our coaching is all about.

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