4 or 5 diving days (with rest)
€495 / €595

Minimum age
Minimum age
16 (with consent)
12-25 meters
Closed water sessions
Closed water sessions
Open water sessions
Open water sessions

What’s included

  • Certificate
  • Equipment
  • 18% VAT
  • 1 Exploration Session
  • Online Manuals
  • Stretching
  • Rent Accomodation

Wave 1 Molchanovs Certification Course

Discover your natural freediving ability and learn the basics with the Wave 1 beginners course, while you’ll get to reach depths of between 12 and 20 metres either by finning or pulling yourself down and up the line.

During this course you will be taught all about the physics and physiology of freediving, the right techniques to hold your breath beyond a minute and a half, while you’ll be introduced to freediving equalisation, relaxation and breathing. You will discover the important role carbon dioxide plays and what we have in common with marine mammals. With a focus on technique and efficiency, you will also learn various pool disciplines such as static and dynamic apnea.

Mindfulness is an important element of the system, which is why you will be introduced to mental skills so that you can relax and execute your dives with greater ease. The buddy system and safety rules like how to weight yourself properly in both the pool and open water are also covered so that you can enjoy the sea in the safest possible way, all while offering you a fun and relaxed experience.

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Course schedule

We work differently to most schools. Our system is based on a two day diving and one day 'rest' cycle. We go beyond the structures of the course to include stretching, breath-work, as well as daily debriefings and individual fine-tuning of your skills. Exploration of dive sites is always included in our five day courses.

Dry day aka Rest

The beginner courses always start with a dry day, meaning there will be no open water diving. On dry days, we go over basic theory, breathing, breath-holding & training our equalisation. Depending on how things turn out with the group, we will cover our first closed water session. Through experience, this model works best. It allows you to absorb information and progress in your freediving. Besides dry training, we also rest the body for a better overall experience.

Diving days

We will start early morning with some light stretching or breathing to set the tone for diving. Each student will be assigned tasks depending on their level and as we progress and hone in on our skills, we’ll work further on holding the breath, duck diving, buoyancy check and buddying, as well as safety rules. Depending on the day and location, we'll explore the dive site. The dive ends with a short de brief. After, we will have a small snack and continue working on breathing techniques, breath-holding exercises and equalisation workshops

Why are our beginner courses longer?

A question we are often asked. The answer is simple: most courses today are short & fast-paced, which means there is not enough time to learn the skills properly.

During our course, we don’t just want to check off boxes to certify you. Our goal is to ensure that you have enough time in the water to grasp the skills and get as much practice as possible. We want you to have the confidence to safely and effectively buddy and assist other freedivers.

It’s more than just a course. We also give you the time and opportunity to explore what Gozo has to offer during our sunset exploration sessions. This is not just about getting certified, but about gaining a true understanding and appreciation of freediving.

Why are our beginner courses longer?

A balance between line diving & adventure.

You will only improve by spending more time working on your skills, both in and out of the water. Many schools sell a dream of diving to twenty metres in two/three days. Whilst this may be true for some, it is untrue for others. For those who can, we’ll work on skills to take you further with the possibility of certifying you Wave 2, provided you achieve all requirements. For those that cannot, we’ll work on your weak points whilst always making sure to have some fun exploring Gozo’s underwater world.

By joining us for five days, we’ll get to explore reefs, fly a swim-through, stare straight into the heart of the Mediterranean blue. Depending on the level of the group, we can even join a boat dive and head over to Comino and explore the Santa Maria caves as well as the famous P31 wreck.

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A balance between line diving & adventure.

Freediver exploring in between crack

Pre-training & Molchanovs

Learn skills beforehand
The biggest barrier beginners run into is equalisation. Your instructor Fabrice has prepared private training videos for you to practice and get a head start before you take part in the course.

Molchanovs Education
Whereas all freediving organisations and systems have forever offered the same form of training, Molchanovs takes your education a step further, setting itself apart by offering the online platform, brimming with the latest freediving education and training.

A global online community
Once you join a Molchanovs course, you are automatically part of the movement where you can connect with the community. Gain access to the latest freediving education, badges, workouts, challenges and offers on their gear. The best part of it all is the weekly base training program, which is aimed at training your skills both in and out of the water to better prepare yourself for the next wave.

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Pre-training & Molchanovs

Freediver heading towards surface above P31 wreck

Your training videos. Start today.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • I’ve never freedived before. Is this course appropriate for me?

    The Wave 1 Molchanovs certification course is ideal for those who have never dived before since it covers the very basics that will serve as the foundation for subsequent levels. If you just want to get a freediving taster, then we recommend the Discover Freediving.

  • I can barely hold my breath for more than a few seconds. Is freediving good for me?

    Freediving engages both body and mind so the size of your lungs or your ability to hold your breath prior to the course is not important. By repeating breath-holding exercises in comfort zones, you will slowly progress to holding your breath longer and enjoying your dives more. If you’d like to learn more about this, check out our blog on static apnea.

  • How safe is freediving?

    Just like any other water sport, freediving can be dangerous if you haven’t been properly trained. This is why enrolling in a course will ensure you get the right education, while you’ll have the time to put this knowledge into practice with an experienced instructor.

  • What should I bring with me on the course?

    All equipment is included in all the courses so all you need to bring with you is your swimwear and a towel. Should you wish, you may bring a light snack, although we do provide nuts, fruits and water.

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