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A freediver exits a swim-through

Freediving Techniques & Tips for Beginners

Have you ever wondered what techniques and skills are learnt during a beginner’s freediving course? We’re here to help you! We’ll  be covering all the basics, whilst giving you some practical tips on how to get started. The techniques and skills learnt on a beginners freediving course are identical to the skills deep freedivers hone

Freediver lies down on his back, soaking up the sun

CO2 Training Tables: Discover the Smarter Approach to Breath-Holding

The evolution of CO2 training tables has come a long way over the years. Smarter approaches have been developed, revolutionising the way freediver train their breath hold. Mastering your breath-hold is one of the keys to unlocking comfortable diving. If you’ve completed a freediving course or have been browsing the internet learning about freediving, chances

Freediver lies down on his back, soaking up the sun

Bi-fin technique for freediving

The evolution of bi-fin technology and technique has come a long way since the birth of freediving. More so since the bi-fin technique is now an official discipline in competitions. The constant advances in technology from competing brands means freedivers are tweaking style for the best possible output. After all, the more we get out

Freediving in cold waters. A useful guide.

Freediving during winter in cold water proves to be challenging for many freedivers, and the truth is most avoid it. Few people are conditioned to the cold and can spend hours in the water. They simply don’t get cold. Cold water freediving comes with many challenges that do not exist in warm water, and overcoming

Two freedivers relaxing for static in salt pans

Static Apnea: Holding your breath in the pool

In 2013, the most decorated female freediver ever, Natalia Molchanova, set a static apnea record at 9 minutes 2 seconds at the Individual AIDA Pool World Championships as a group of spectators were watching in awe. It was her third world record of the championships and the first time any woman had held her breath