5 days

Minimum age
Minimum age
16 (with consent)
24-30 meters
Closed water sessions
Closed water sessions
Open water sessions
Open water sessions

What’s included

  • Certificate
  • Equipment
  • 18% VAT
  • 2 Exploration Sessions
  • Online Manuals
  • Stretching
  • Rent Accomodation

Wave 2 Molchanovs certification course

Be sure to explore our coaching packages that include accommodation and the option for certification.

Stretch your limits further and master holding your breath for over two and a half minutes, while you get to experience a whole lot of new freediving fun with freefall as you take the Molchanovs Wave 2 course. Ideal for those who have some experience and have successfully completed the Wave 1 Molchanovs certification or any other beginner certification, during this course you’ll delve into topics like the history of freediving and how its physics like Dalton and Henry’s laws affect your body, while you’ll get to perfect pre-existing skills, such as no fin techniques and others needed to freedive comfortably to a depth of between 24 and 30 metres in open water.

Safety is taken up a notch, just as rescue techniques and how to avoid blackouts, decompression illness and a series of other injuries. At the same time, you’ll make headways with your breathing education, improving on your Frenzel equalisation with advanced techniques and you’ll work further on your mental training as you get introduced to mindfulness techniques appropriate for a variety of contexts.

You are required to perform a static apnea breath-hold of two minutes and thirty seconds and a fifty-metre dynamic.

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A typical day

We go beyond the structures of the course to include stretching, breath-work, as well as daily debriefings and individual fine-tuning of your skills. Exploration of dive sites is always included in our five day courses.

Morning - Refining your skills, preparing your body and mind

The morning session begins with a discussion on the topics that will be covered, as well as Deep Med’s freediving philosophy. Next, we work on dry exercises for equalising, particularly improving and managing the Frenzel equalisation, whilst we offer all the necessary guidance and tips so that you can achieve this goal. Through both dynamic and static stretching, we move on to warm up your body. Once you’re nice and loose, we focus on lung and diaphragm stretching, followed by breath control exercises known as pranayama. You’ll also get the opportunity to take all these exercises with you at home to practice and prepare for the next session.

Afternoon - Putting your old and new skills to the test

During the afternoon session we’ll head over to the water for the practical part. Each student will be assigned tasks depending on their level, whereas sessions will vary depending on students’ abilities and how well they have mastered certain freediving elements like freefalling and equalising awareness in the water. We will practice finning and free-immersion techniques, as well as no fins diving, while we’ll also cover safety rescue procedures and buddying. Depending on the day and location, we'll explore the dive site. The day ends with a debrief, during which your instructor will discuss with you everything that has been taught and what you need to work on.

Courses or coaching?

Coaching provides are more individualised and tailored approach to progressing at improving freedivng skills, taking the student’s abilities to the next level. After your initial course, the path to improvement in freediving lies in proper training. Courses are only relevant if you aim to become an instructor. Your depth is not determined by a piece of paper.

At Deep Med, we strongly believe that coaching is the ideal path for any freediver. Unlike traditional courses that focus on numbers, checking off skills, certifications, and time constraints, we prioritize the true essence of freediving. Our coaching approach allows you to experience the authentic feeling of freediving, breaking down skills in an accessible manner, delving deep into details, and guiding you to achieve the ultimate freedive performance. 

Be sure to explore our coaching packages that include accommodation and the option for certification.

Courses or coaching?

Fabrice freediving instructor

How to perfect your freediving skills

It goes without saying that the more time you spend in the water, the more confident and comfortable you’ll be. This coupled with continual practice of your dry skills, will set you on the right path to perfecting your freediving abilities.

If you’re interested to take your freediving education further, the Wave 3 Molchanovs master course will help you achieve a depth of between 34 and 40 metres in open water, hold your breath for over three and a half minutes, as well as learn advanced techniques like mouthfill equalisation and equalising below your residual volume to achieve greater depths amongst other things.

If you would like to take a couple days extra of coaching, then get in touch for your quote.

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How to perfect your freediving skills

Freediver duck dives and descends

Adventure & Molchanovs

The Maltese’s islands offer great fun and adventure. Our courses include exploration, so why not put your skills to the test to one of the many dive sites? We try as much as possible to go with the flow of the group and take decisions together.

Molchanovs education
Whereas all freediving organisations and systems have forever offered the same form of training, Molchanovs takes your education a step further, setting itself apart by offering the online platform, brimming with the latest freediving education and training.

A global online community
Once you join a Molchanovs course, you are automatically part of the movement where you can connect with the community. The best part of it all is the weekly base training program, which is aimed at training your skills both in and out of the water to better prepare yourself for the next wave.

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Adventure & Molchanovs

No suit freediver exploring reef

Frequently Asked Questions

  • I have successfully completed a freediving beginner course but not a Molchanovs Wave 1 programme. Can I enroll in the Wave 2 course?

    All freediving organisations and systems offer the same form of training, while they cover the same skills and techniques, which means that there is a direct crossover. Having said that, before we decide whether you can proceed to the next step without having to take the Wave 1 course, you must complete a crossover evaluation.

  • I’ve never completed a course before, however I have some freediving experience. Can I enrol in the Wave 2 Molchanovs course?

    Ideally you should complete the Wave 1 course before you proceed since you’ll get to learn some vital skills that may not be repeated in more advanced levels. If, however, you really feel you can go beyond the beginner’s level, we can evaluate your skills and determine whether you are indeed ready for the Wave 2 course.

  • I feel that one-on-one training with an instructor would be more suitable. Do you offer this service?

    Yes, our coaching programme is available to certified or highly competent freedivers who wish to focus on a specific skillset, such as finning, equalising or any other skills. A coaching session is also a great way to spend more time in the water and practice, while the instructor can offer valuable guidance.

  • What should I bring with me on the course?

    All equipment is included in all the courses so all you need to bring with you is your swimwear and a towel. Should you wish, you may bring a light snack, although we do provide nuts, fruits and water.

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