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Top Freediving wrecks in Malta

The seas of Malta & Gozo are riddled with underwater wrecks ranging from 110, all the way to 10 metres deep. It comes with good reason for being voted one of the best diving destinations in Europe. Malta & Gozo are a great destinations for novice freedivers looking to explore themselves and the underwater landscape

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Freediving in Malta: The best dive sites and top courses on the island

Born from the foraging needs of coastal people who took it upon themselves to push their bodies to adapt and survive under water so that they could gather food or precious materials, nothing can make you feel as free and at one with nature around you just as much as freediving does. And if you’re

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Freediving in Gozo: The best dive sites and top courses on the island

A sport as old as time itself, there’s nothing more exhilarating than plunging into the depths of the sea with only the air in your lungs, the power of your body and the will of your mind while you embark on exploring the world beneath the surface. And whether you’re new to freediving or have