2 days

Minimum age
Minimum age
16 (with consent)
Closed water sessions
Closed water sessions
Open water sessions
Open water sessions

What’s included


DM's Beginner Course

Deep Med understands that four or five day courses may be a bit of a commitment, especially for those who are on holiday unrelated to freediving. So we’ve come up with our very own 2 day course. If you’re looking for the ultimate freediving holiday, check out our packages. There’s no better way to freedive with a mindset free of expectations. Courses can sometimes stress out an individual because of the background skills and requirements needed in order to achieve a certificate, especially if the individual is highly fixated on goals.

There are no goals in site, only curiosity and joy of being in the water. You will still learn all the techniques safely and properly, including; how to equalise and relax through various mindful techniques, the equipment used during freediving, as well as the differences between competitive and recreational freediving. You’ll also discover that freediving is not an extreme sport as it is widely considered, while it can be enjoyed safely without the need of having to go to great depths.

Experience, depths and achieving a specific number below the surface is not important here. What counts is that we embark on an underwater adventure and have a blast whilst doing so.

A Typical Day

Divided into a theoretical and practical part, the discover freediving session will provide you with general knowledge about freediving and its techniques and disciplines, while you’ll also get to apply what you’ve learnt out at sea. The session includes both a closed and open water session.

Morning - An introduction to freediving

Our session will start off with a brief introduction of ourselves, followed by delving into some very basic theory. Next, will warm up your body through static or dynamic stretching and perform breath control exercises known as pranayama. You’ll also be taught how to focus by using various meditation techniques, while you’ll get to learn how to hold and take your last breath. Throughout the morning session, we’ll keep things simple and light, but above all fun.

Afternoon - Testing the waters

The afternoon session is all about putting what we’ve learned earlier on in the day into practice. The session will start off by simply breathing through the snorkel on the surface, followed by easy breath-holds. Once you’re feeling comfortable, we’ll proceed to the open water.

What comes next?

If you’ve enjoyed your first freediving experience and you would like to further your education, you can enroll in our courses. Ideal for beginners with little to no experience, the Wave 1 course will introduce you to freediving and all the necessary techniques needed to freedive effectively and safely.

Alternative, if you’re looking for more freedom and not being confined to the structure of a course, you may opt for coaching. Through a coaching session you can focus on a specific discipline, while your instructor will craft a plan tailored to your objectives.

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What comes next?

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Why Molchanovs?

Closely aligned with Deep Med’s philosophy, Molchanovs’ way of training revolves around slow and steady progression, with a focus on enjoying freediving through comfort and ease.

Learn skills beforehand
Whereas all freediving organisations and systems have forever offered the same form of training, Molchanovs takes your education a step further, setting itself apart by offering the online platform, brimming with the latest freediving education and training. Complete the theory section online and get access to Molchanovs’ Dry Base Training programme. You’ll be able to work on important dry skills such as equalisation & relaxation before taking a course.

A global online community
Once you join a Molchanovs course, you are automatically part of the movement where you can connect with the community. Gain access to the latest freediving education, badges, workouts, challenges and offers on their gear. The best part of it all is the weekly base training program, which is aimed at training your skills both in and out of the water to better prepare yourself for the next wave.

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Why Molchanovs?

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How can I tell if I am capable of freediving?

    At Deep Med we strongly believe that anyone can freedive. All you need is a professional instructor who can teach you those necessary skills and sufficient time in the water to practice these.

  • What are the prerequisites of taking a discover freediving session?

    To take on the Discover Freediving session there’s no need for you to have prior experience nor are you required to have a certification. You just need to have adequate swimming skills and if you’re younger than 18 years old, you must obtain consent from your parents or guardian.

  • Will I get a certification following the session?

    Discover Freediving is all about getting a first taste of the discipline, so by the end of it you will not receive a certification and bearing in mind that it is a brief session, you’ll be unable to properly freedive on your own or with buddies once you complete it.

  • What should I bring with me on the course?

    All equipment is included in all the courses so all you need to bring with you is your swimwear and a towel. Should you wish, you may bring a light snack, although we do provide nuts, fruits and water.

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