Meet Deep Med's Apnea Junkies

A team of two sharing a common goal; to help you feel comfortable and relaxed in the water, building skills at your pace.

Fabrice - The Cave Junkie

Deep Med’s owner, Fabrice, is enthusiastic about the sea both off and on land. Born in Malta & exposed to the sea from day one, his earliest and happiest memories are his playful adventures in the water. Throughout his teenage years he took up sailing and started a career in the Maritime industry as a navigation Officer.

As time progressed, a deeper connection with the sea developed through the art of breath-hold. A connection he wishes to pass onto you through his methods of teaching.

Fabrice enjoys depth diving as well as the recreational side; exploring coastlines, freediving wrecks, cave diving and swim-throughs! Fabrice will do his best to immerse you into his world through Deep Med’s experience.

During the winter months, he recharges by getting back into fitness, cold water swimming, deep-dive training whilst also broadening his equalization knowledge and teaching skill-set.

Weapons of choice – The EQ bubbler, Repetition & a dose of thrilling underwater adventure.
Deepest depth – 60 metres
Deepest diver Fabrice has coached – 76 metres.

Fabrice - The Cave Junkie

Instructor Fabrice, smiling on a boat

The journey so far.

Fabrice and Dawid have been freediving together around the island of Gozo for the past three years. A friendship that has also been formed in the gym with Fabrice engaging in 1-on-1 training with Dawid. Through-out the years, after much freediving debate, it became evident that the teaching philosophies and approach to freediving were very similar.

Together they share a philosophy that focuses on helping freedivers build on skills to reach new levels of comfort, peace and joy.

Having Dawid on board not only expands the team, but is a driving force in the continuation and commitment to providing good quality freediving education.

The journey so far.

Dawid psitting water out with Fabrice in the back ground in the Freediving boat

Dawid - The Deep Junkie

Dive deep into yourself with Dawid Tran Van, whos freediving journey began in Gozo, around January 2020. From then on, and instant connection with freediving was born. A seed was planted…

As a freediving coach and highly experienced personal trainer, he is passionate about unlocking the body and mind’s potential below and above the surface. Proudly part of Poland’s national freediving team, Dawid has set records and also reaching incredible depths in a short amount of time, with an impressive personal best of 102 metres in the variable weight discipline.

In th eyear of 2023, Dawid took part in his first ever competition, securing  7th place at the world championships with a Free-Immersion (FIM) dive of 93 metres.

As you can see, Dawid loves DEEP.

Deepest depth – 102 metres


Dawid - The Deep Junkie

Dawid - Freediving instructor

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