Frequently Asked Questions

  • Which wind direction is best to freedive this site?

    Any light wind between North-west and South-east and any strong wind between North and North-east would be fine.

  • How can we find the wreck?

    Finding the wreck is easy during the peak months of tourism. The wreck is marked by a yellow special marker buoy where you will see an ‘X’ on the top of the marker. You’ll have to swim around two-hundred metres from land until you reach the marker. If you need some guidance or an experienced instructor to dive this site, take a look at our coaching or excrusions.

  • Is freediving the wreck safe?

    The wreck is large and relatively deep with many openings. It is perfectly safe as long as you do not enter places or areas you do not know of, particularly when there is darkness. If you’re looking to up your safety game as well as increase your depth, our Molchanvs Wave 2 program goes hand in hand with this dive site.

  • Is there heavy boat traffic?

    Upon entering the water, you do have to be careful of the tourist boats. Keep an eye out and make sure they see you whilst always having the appropriate buoy and flag. Once you arrive at the yellow marker you are perfectly safe.

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