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There’s much more to do in Malta & Gozo apart from freediving.


Immerse yourself in nature by taking a walk or swimming in the sea & rubbing yourself in clay. Go paddle boarding or join us on an exiting wreck or cave adventure. Gozo is the ultimate freediving destination.


Boat Excursion

Boat excursion description and information

Join us on a boat adventure and explore dive sites out at sea. These mainly include but are not limited to; the P31 wreck, the Lantern Point, and Santa Maria caves on the island of Comino. Fabrice

The day will start at approximately 0900 and your guide will bring all safety equipment and your own if needed. Safety briefings and buddy systems will be covered and are of top priority to us.

Full day


requirements icon

Minimum age: 16
Must be a certified or competent freediver

What’s included

  • Photo or Video
  • Transport
  • Equipment (15€)
  • Water
  • Use of RIB

Boat Excursion

What is boat excursion?

The Maltese islands are home to some of the clearest waters in the world; bursting with colourful reefs, breath-taking drop offs and swim-throughs, as well as an infinite amount of caves to explore. Both Malta and Gozo are known for historical sunken wrecks dating as far back as WWII; varying in type, size and depth. Find destroyers, tug boats and even our old ferry boat sitting from anything between eight to one hundred metres below the surface! What’s more is that this feast of dives is accessible from shore, making Malta one of the few key diving destinations providing as much ease as enjoyment when diving.

Wrecks & caves

Comino island is just a stone’s throw away from Gozo and is the perfect playground for recreational freediving. Practice your freediving skills and enjoy Deep Med’s favourite open wreck (P31) treasured for its sandy surroundings and marine life. The island’s Santa Maria Caves are another favourite, offering an exciting cave system that never disappoints.

If time allows, we’ll also get to explore the Lantern Point, which is very close to the P31 wreck. It’s a stunning swim-through passage starting from five metres and finishing at around thirteen metres. This swim-through is for strong and competent freedivers and will be guided and selected by your instructor, Fabrice.

This is a highly recommended and sought after excursion.

Who is this for?

This excursion is for certified freedivers only or those who demonstrate highly competent and show particularly strong freediving skills in the water.

If you’d like to join but are not certified, click here.

Boat Excursion

Frequently Asked Questions

  • I am not a certified freediver however I am very competent, can I join?

    Whilst we do prefer our freedivers to have certification, we may allow you to join following a quick evaluation of your freediving abilities; and like the rest, you must sign a limited liability release for prior to your trip.

  • I am certified however do not practice much, which excursion is best?

    You can join both a boat or normal excursion. Your instructor will remind you of your skills, guide you and show you how to explore the site. Whether it’s an advanced excursion or not, your experience will be tailored to your abilities, you will be able to enjoy the dive site in different ways according to your capabilities. If you want to hone in on your freediving skills, take a look at our coaching programmes.

  • Is freediving in caves dangerous?

    Whilst it may sound intimidating, the caves chosen by your instructor are safe and easy to dive. Your instructor will never put you in a situation that you are not comfortable with or is not suitable for your level.

  • Can I include an excursion as part of your courses?

    Most definitely. Your instructor will go out of their way to take you on some unique and exciting excursions during the course. Alternatively, if you would like to explore more of Malta and Gozo and further improve your skills, have a look at our beginners package.

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