Frequently Asked Questions

  • Which wind direction is best to freedive this site?

    Any light Westerly or North-westerly or any Northerly to South easterly wind.

  • How accessible is this dive site?

    This dive site is accessible by both land or boat. By land, you can either enter from the busy area near the restaurants or further up towards the mouth of the bay.

  • Is the tunnel safe to freedive?

    Absolutely! This cave is good for any level freediver, is well lit up and boasts some playful easy swim-throughs. If you’d like to know more about our excursions, get in touch with us.

  • How can you find Xlendi tunnel?

    If you are at Xlendi reef (which is marked by a cardinal marker), look into Xlendi bay and on your left you should see a big opening in the cliff which looks like a cave. That is the entrance of the Xlendi tunnel.

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