Two freedivers relaxing for static in salt pans

Static Apnea: Holding your breath in the pool

In 2013, the most decorated female freediver ever, Natalia Molchanova, set a static apnea record at 9 minutes 2 seconds at the Individual AIDA Pool World Championships as a group of spectators were watching in awe. It was her third world record of the championships and the first time any woman had held her breath

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Eq Tools for freediving

EQ tools for freediving

Over the years, freediving equalisation tools have been developed and integrated into teaching methods used by instructors and coaches alike. Way back in the 2000’s, the Italians, specifically Federico Mana and Andrea Zucchari began to use the Ottovent (which we’ll be talking about later) and devolop protocols. In recent years, more tools have been developed;

Port side bow of the P29 wreck with a gun on deck

Top Freediving wrecks in Malta

The seas of Malta & Gozo are riddled with underwater wrecks ranging from 110, all the way to 10 metres deep. It comes with good reason for being voted one of the best diving destinations in Europe. Malta & Gozo are a great destinations for novice freedivers looking to explore themselves and the underwater landscape

Freediver levitating between two large rocks

Air-shift equalisation techniques for freediving.

During a freedive, the airspaces inside our body reduce in volume. As we dive deeper, this reduction in volume deceases. It goes without saying that during a dive, we must shift air into the throat and oral cavity to compensate for this reduction. During the first few metres of a dive, most beginners would instinctively

Freediver descends on line

RV and Exhale diving.

The residual volume of the average human is approximately 1/4 of the total lung capacity (TLC). As a freediver starts to descend on a single breath, the residual volume will be reached at 30 metres. Fully exhaling on the surface and freediving on this lung volume is known as exhale diving or RV diving, which

Freediving training in cold water in winter time.

Freediving during winter in cold water proves to be challenging for many freedivers, and the truth is most avoid it. Few people are conditioned to the cold and can spend hours in the water. They simply don’t get cold. Cold water freediving comes with many challenges that do not exist in warm water, and overcoming

Freediving instructor Fabrice showing mouthfill using a nose clip

Frenzel equalisation using an EQ tool; A step-by-step guide

The frenzel manouever is named after a German doctor Hermann Frenzel and was developed in 1938 to be thought to dive bomber pilots during the World War 2. The manoeuvre is used to equalise the middle ear and today is performed by both SCUBA and freedivers.Why do we need to equalise?Boyles law states that ‘At

Freediving instructor Fabrice showing mouthfill using a nose clip

Mouthfill technique for freediving. A step-by-step guide.

The mouthfill is an advanced equalization technique which was in invented by Eric Fattah, and changed the way freedivers dive passed their residual volume. It allows divers to reach rather extraordinary depths and one of it’s strengths is to dive below residual volume in a very safe way, eliminating or avoiding any problems with pulmonary

Instructor uses equalising tool

Equalising for freediving

Equalisation is a relatively big topic in freediving. From beginners equalisation all the way to advanced, covering movements, air shift techniques, control of certain and specific structures / doors, it comes with good reason. And whilst certain air shift techniques may come ‘naturally’ to some, most freedivers will eventually get stuck at some point. For

Oxygen Advantage book cover

The Oxygen Advantage for Freedivers

The Oxygen advantage is perhaps one of those books beginner freedivers (as well as experienced and especially instrucors) should pick up after completing their first course. Granted, much of what the author Patrick McKeown writes about is already mostly understood by freedivers, but there are some other specific gasses and chemicals, such as EPO and

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