Two freedivers relaxing for static in salt pans

Static Apnea: Holding your breath in the pool

In 2013, the most decorated female freediver ever, Natalia Molchanova, set a static apnea record at 9 minutes 2 seconds at the Individual AIDA Pool World Championships as a group of spectators were watching in awe. It was her third world record of the championships and the first time any woman had held her breath

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Freediver lies down on his back, soaking up the sun

CO2 Tables: Discover the Smarter Approach to Breath-Holding

Mastering your breath-hold is one of the keys to unlocking comfortable diving. If you’ve completed a course or have been browsing the internet learning about freediving, chances are you’ve come across  Co2 (Carbon Dioxide) or contractions (the urge to breathe). Whether we like it or not, Carbon dioxide training is one of the many skills

Group of freediver smiling in Xlendi

Freediving School in Europe’s Heart – Gozo

Malta & Gozo. A hidden gem standing erect in the heart of the mediterranean sea, surrounded by crystal clear waters. Just a quick flight from any European country and you’ll find Deep Med Centre, tucked away in one of Gozo’s villages; Xaghra. We pride ourselves as a top Freediving school in Europe, offering courses and

Eq Tools for freediving

Equalization tools for freediving

Over the years, freediving equalisation tools have been developed and integrated into teaching methods used by instructors and coaches alike. Way back in the 2000’s, the Italians, specifically Federico Mana and Andrea Zucchari began to use the Ottovent (which we’ll be talking about later) and devolop protocols. In recent years, more tools have been developed;

Freediving instructor Fabrice showing mouthfill using a nose clip

Mouthfill Equalization technique for freediving. The ultimate guide

The mouthfill is an advanced equalization technique which was in invented by Eric Fattah, and changed the way freedivers dive passed their residual volume. It allows divers to reach rather extraordinary depths and one of it’s strengths is to dive below residual volume in a very safe way, eliminating or avoiding any problems with pulmonary

Pricing table

Freediving course price; All you need to know

I am writing this article in response to some comments I see over the internet with users claiming ‘X’ amount is too expensive. I will break down the average price across the board including but not limited to; where your money is going, what’s included, the expenses of an individual instructor or school & how

Freediver lies down on his back, soaking up the sun

Bi-fin technique for freediving

The evolution of bi-fin technology and technique has come a long way since the birth of freediving. More so since the bi-fin technique is now an official discipline in competitions. The constant advances in technology from competing brands means freedivers are tweaking style for the best possible output. After all, the more we get out

Port side bow of the P29 wreck with a gun on deck

Top Freediving wrecks in Malta

The seas of Malta & Gozo are riddled with underwater wrecks ranging from 110, all the way to 10 metres deep. It comes with good reason for being voted one of the best diving destinations in Europe. Malta & Gozo are a great destinations for novice freedivers looking to explore themselves and the underwater landscape

Freediver levitating between two large rocks

Air-shift equalisation techniques for freediving.

During a freedive, the airspaces inside our body reduce in volume. As we dive deeper, this reduction in volume deceases. It goes without saying that during a dive, we must shift air into the throat and oral cavity to compensate for this reduction. During the first few metres of a dive, most beginners would instinctively

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