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Group of freediver smiling in Xlendi

Freediving School in Europe’s Heart – Gozo

Malta & Gozo. A hidden gem standing erect in the heart of the mediterranean sea, surrounded by crystal clear waters. Just a quick flight from any European country and you’ll find Deep Med Centre, tucked away in one of Gozo’s villages; Xaghra. We pride ourselves as a top Freediving school in Europe, offering courses and

Pricing table

Freediving course price; All you need to know

I am writing this article in response to some comments I see over the internet with users claiming ‘X’ amount is too expensive. I will break down the average price across the board including but not limited to; where your money is going, what’s included, the expenses of an individual instructor or school & how

Freediver descends on line

RV and Exhale diving.

The residual volume of the average human is approximately 1/4 of the total lung capacity (TLC). As a freediver starts to descend on a single breath, the residual volume will be reached at 30 metres. Fully exhaling on the surface and freediving on this lung volume is known as exhale diving or RV diving, which

Freediver swimming under the blue hole arch

Boyle’s law and Archimedes principle simplified.

Sometimes, when advancing in free-diving the physics can be a little daunting – especially for those who find physics a little challenging. Below is a simple explantation on what happens with a few diagrams to illustrate. If you do have any question please contact me in the form on the homepage.  This article is going

A freediver with his arms above his head. performing the duck dive

Mammalian Dive Reflex

Introduction Humans have a reflex in common with dolphins, whales and other diving mammals called the Mammalian Dive Reflex (MDR); one of the triggers being facial immersion and breath holding. The Mammalian dive Reflex helps us extend our breath-hold time and shift blood into appropriate places to safe guard them from the increasing pressure with