Minimum age
Minimum age
16 (with consent)
80 metres
Closed water sessions
Closed water sessions
Open water sessions
Open water sessions
1 or 5

What’s included

  • Certificate
  • Equipment (Add 20€)
  • Buoy & line set-up
  • 18% VAT
  • Deep Safety
  • Rent Accomodation

Freediving training

Designed for experienced freedivers seeking mutual safety or professional deep safety, our program caters to those comfortable diving up to 80 meters. With dedicated moorings around Gozo, we ensure optimal diving conditions regardless of wind direction.

Whether you want to improve your duck diving, finning and slow diving, your safety and buddying or you simply want to push yourself and move away from your comfort zone, there are several areas you can train, while we’re more than happy to set up a tailored training plan based on your goals.

A typical day

We don’t just set up a buoy and leave you to your own devices. Our session includes stretching, breath-work, open water sessions, as well as a professional coach to offer you any support that you may need.

Late morning - Start your training session the right way

Before you head out to the open water, you may join our morning session of stretching and breath control exercises known as pranayama. Through both dynamic and static stretching, we’ll warm up your body, while we’ll also focus on specific stretching exercises that will help increase the vital capacity and elasticity of our lungs, with or without the use of props.

Open water session - Time to train your freediving abilities

Lasting anywhere between one and a half to two hours, during the open water session, your instructor Fabrice will set up the buoy and line to a depth according to your freediving level. You will also be buddied up with an appropriate freediver.

What if you need a one-on-one session?

Most recreational freedivers are not experienced enough, while they wouldn’t have had enough time at their disposal to recognise which skills they need to work on or what goals to set. If this sounds like you, then a coaching session might be more suitable. With an experienced instructor at hand, you’ll be able to better yourself. And the more time you spend in the water, the better your chances are at improving.

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What if you need a one-on-one session?

Freediver duck-dives and descends

How to perfect your freediving skills

Although you may already be a certified freediver, if you’ve just completed a beginner course, you may find that your freediving skills need further honing in. An intermediate or advanced certification course is the ideal way to become a better freediver. At Deep Med, we offer Molchanovs certification courses, which sets itself apart from other organisations and systems by offering an online platform, brimming with the latest freediving education and training, which is constantly updated. In addition, the Molchanovs’ way of training revolves around slow and steady progression so that you can enjoy every step of the way.

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How to perfect your freediving skills

Freediver ascending into light

Frequently Asked Questions

  • I am not a certified freediver. Can I still book a training session?

    Our freediving training session is appropriate for certified freedivers who can effectively buddy and follow safety regulations, skills which you would have acquired only after participating in a course. For your own safety, you must be certified to participate.

  • Will the instructor be available during the training session?

    Whereas the instructor will be present during the session to set up the buoy and oversee the session, he is not there to offer any instructions. This is why this session is appropriate for certified freedivers who can buddy and follow safety regulations.

  • What are the benefits of training with other certified freedivers?

    There’s nothing better than improving yourself through constant practice, while you train with like-minded individuals who are passionate about freediving just as you are. Apart from training together, this session provides the perfect opportunity to practice your buddy and safety skills.

  • What should I bring with me on the course?

    All equipment is included in all the courses so all you need to bring with you is your swimwear and a towel. Should you wish, you may bring a light snack, although we do provide nuts, fruits and water.

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