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Eq Tools for freediving

Equalization tools for freediving

Over the years, freediving equalisation tools have been developed and integrated into teaching methods used by instructors and coaches alike. Way back in the 2000’s, the Italians, specifically Federico Mana and Andrea Zucchari began to use the Ottovent (which we’ll be talking about later) and devolop protocols. In recent years, more tools have been developed;

Freediving instructor Fabrice showing mouthfill using a nose clip

Mouthfill Equalization technique for freediving. The ultimate guide

The mouthfill is an advanced equalization technique which was in invented by Eric Fattah, and changed the way freedivers dive passed their residual volume. It allows divers to reach rather extraordinary depths and one of it’s strengths is to dive below residual volume in a very safe way, eliminating or avoiding any problems with pulmonary

Freediver levitating between two large rocks

Air-shift equalisation techniques for freediving.

During a freedive, the airspaces inside our body reduce in volume. As we dive deeper, this reduction in volume deceases. It goes without saying that during a dive, we must shift air into the throat and oral cavity to compensate for this reduction. During the first few metres of a dive, most beginners would instinctively

Instructor uses equalising tool

Equalising for freediving

Equalisation is a relatively big topic in freediving. From beginners equalisation all the way to advanced, covering movements, air shift techniques, control of certain and specific structures / doors, it comes with good reason. And whilst certain air shift techniques may come ‘naturally’ to some, most freedivers will eventually get stuck at some point. For