Advanced freediving course / 30 Metres / Three Days / Four Open Water Sessions @350€

Course Description

In this course you will further develop skills learnt from the level 1 freediver course (or equivalent) and hone in on new ones whilst gaining knowledge on freediving safety procedures and techniques. Freediving Techniques such as; freefall, frenzel equalising, risks of increasing pressure and how to minimise them, how to approach depth and the use of training tables.

You will gain these skills through the most common disciplines in freediving; static & dynamic apnea, Free Immersion & constant weight.

Free-fall will ultimately help you be more efficient with oxygen which will help you reach depths at a comfortable pace. Come and join us for free-falling fun and open your mind and reach depths.

What's included?

  • Equipment, water and energy snack (banana and dates)

  • Transport to and from dive sites / pick up and drop off from Gozo channel Ferry in Gozo

  • Study materials & Certificate from RAID

  • Videos and photos for freediving analysis

Breaking down the days

Day 1 - Getting into the freediving groove

We will briefly go over the theory you would have already read before, and jump right into some stretching & breath-holding in the confined water session. The day will go by depending on when you have last dived and assessing previous freediving skills such as breathing & safety. We will then head to the open water and get our mammalian dive reflex going.

Day 2 - Skills

We will start the day with some stretching and breathing for freediving. We will also go over a dive visualisation to help us break down the dive at each stage. After we will have two open water sessions and practice; duck-diving, body position in relation for freediving buoy, learning how to break-down the dive and get ready for free-fall position. Last but not least, freediving safety.

Day 3 - Putting it all together.

On the last day we will again begin with stretching for freediving to warm the muscles up to get ready for the final open water dive. We will also go over a visualisation for freediving and visualise each part of the dive - this will help prepare our mind for the dive.