Freediving courses in Malta & Gozo [Dec 2018]

Firstly, why should I take a freediving course?

Ultimately you will end up with a certificate recognised worldwide by all freediving schools, and this means you have undergone a course with proper instruction and finished all the skills properly. 

Some of these skills are; learning how to properly breathe up and avoid hyperventilation, correct duck-diving and finning technique, how to buddy other divers and how to rescue free divers from certain situations. 

Your ticket will allow you to dive with other schools and to buddy and safety new freediving buddies you might eventually come across.

What are our courses all about?

Here at Deep Med Freediving we offer both courses and excursions, as well as tailor made training. We mainly work with RAID but also offer AIDA certifications. The main reason for this is because of RAID’s easy to use online platform where the user (student) is able to sign up online, download all the manuals / materials and take the multiple choice quiz before meeting the instructor. 

In the meantime, the instructor is able to track the students progress which allows him / her to strengthen the weaknesses of the student. Other than all of this, RAID adopts a much more practical approach to freediving based on repetition and more time spent in the water. After all, practice makes perfect and that’s exactly what you need when doing a freediving course.

Where should I start from?

There are two entry level courses that we offer, Discover Freediving or Freediver level 1. Our Discover freediving course is for those who do not want to commit to a course and just want a taste of freediving. The Freediver level 1 certifies you and is a two and a half day course and includes three open water and two closed water sessions. You will be able to buddy and safety other divers, and at the same time know how to properly freedive. 

What is a typical day like?

If we meet for the first time, we begin with some introductions and dive straight into breathing and relaxation for freediving.  We also include some stretching to relax the mind and get some blood flowing through our body which will help us extend our breath-hold comfortably. Depending on the wind, we will chose our dive site and prepare to have some fun underwater :-)

Which months are best for taking a course?

The water is good to dive from April till December, however the peak months are June to October. Ultimately it depends on your budget as accommodation and flights tend to go up in price in the summer months. Freediving in winter can prove to be fun and at very affordable rates. 

What can I do for accommodation?

There are many options around the islands of Malta and Gozo; Airbnb or as well as guest-houses, hostels and hotels. As mentioned above, prices will vary depending on the months and how far in advance you book. 

Shall I choose Malta or Gozo?

Well for obvious reasons we will tell you to choose Gozo however it’s very simple. Ask yourself what you really want. Would you like a totally relaxed freediving holiday with great freediving dive sites, secluded beaches and beautiful scenery? Or would you prefer a city like rushed holiday? The centre of Malta is buzzing and does have a lot of restaurants, but other than that, Gozo’s beaches and scenery is a choice you will not regret.