Snorkelling tours in Malta & Gozo adventure.

There is a reason why around 115,000 SCUBA divers fly into Malta each year, and that reason is because Malta has beautiful and incomparable seas. Many of them return year after year to re-visit an experience or discover something new – for such a small island, Malta just keeps on giving and giving.

Snorkelling in Malta comes with good reason.

Snorkelling in Malta & Gozo

The length of the Maltese shoreline is approximately 137 km and is riddled with beaches, bays,  mind blowing cliffs, caves, breathtaking harbours, picturesque valleys and a unique deep mediterranean blue. The west side of the islands are comprised mainly of large cliff faces, surrounded by caves and deep blue waters.

The only thing this means is that Malta & Gozo offer a variety of playful areas; perfectly suited for anyone who is looking for a snorkelling adventure. Malta’s underwater dramatic topography usually leaves viewers stunned and at the same time making them feel like a tiny dot in the middle of the sea.

What is snorkelling?

Snorkelling is when a person dons just a single piece suit, a small pair of flippers, mask and a simple snorkel. Viewing the underwater world from the surface, and sometimes taking a breath and going for a short dive to shallow depths, swimming through underwater obstacles and viewing marine life, completely free of any bulky gear. It is the purest and simplest form of diving; and that is what freediving basically is.

The fine line that separates snorkelling from free-diving 

Free-diving is when a person holds their breath, sometimes for as long as possible or to go as deep as they can; and sometimes just for fun.

Fun, is where snorkelling comes in. When someone goes for a snorkel and dives to shallow depths, that is also free-diving; whether it’s for 10 seconds or 1 minute. But are you properly filling your lungs to their maximum carrying capacity?

The fine line that separates the two is where no requirements are imposed on the students.

Why choose us for Snorkelling tours?

Because of Snorkelling 2.0

What is Snorkelling 2.0?

  • Snorkelling 2.0 is ‘technical’ snorkelling; suitable for all level’s and ages.
  • Snorkelling 2.0 is diving down to shallow depths, enjoying swim throughs and marine life by teaching you how to properly fill your lungs.
  • Snorkelling 2.0 is designed by Deep Med and strips freediving techniques to their most basic level; without imposing any technicality or requirements onto the students.

Just fun, simple, snorkelling 2.0, with a professional freediving instructor.

What is a typical snorkelling adventure like?

We first start off at the centre where we will brief you on equipment involved, safety, breathing for snorkelling, equalising and the dive area (we always make sure to take our students to the best places according to the prevailing weather conditions).

There will be a session in confined waters to get accustomed to the equipment involved and to get comfortable with the water.

Finally we will head to the snorkelling area where the adventure begins! Please listen to your instructor, and to always stay in site of one another. Safety first is part of our DNA, which means we really take it seriously. It’s all about having fun in the safest way possible.

Please also note that 1 snorkelling instructor may take out a maximum of 5 students. This is to ensure safety and to keep the experience personal. There is always 1 instructor available; other instructors will be available upon request. 

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