Freediving courses, training & excursions in Gozo, Malta

The Maltese & Gozitan islands provide superb visibility, ship wrecks, beautiful backdrops both in and out of water and playful swim throughs. We are dedicated to teaching freediving courses in a correct and safe way whilst also offer a mix of freediving excursions for certified freedivers.

Whether it’s you first time or not, we’ve got you covered! We offer both beginner & advanced freediving courses.

We give importance to every student, which is why we are the only freediving school in Malta that sticks to a two:one student to freediving instructor ratio during our freediving courses.

We offer both RAID & AIDA certifications however, we prefer RAID, because:

  • Everything is done online, from signing up all the way to downloading manuals. They also have an online freediving log book for you to keep your progress in check.

  • The system is based on practice rather than theory. In freediving, practice makes perfect which means we get to dive and have lots of fun 😁. Our practice is mainly focused on relaxation and executing the freediving techniques correctly.

Always remember that everyone is different and progression will vary from individual to individual. 

What we do during our courses

  • We spend time with you at every stage of the dive, making sure the flow starts from beginning to end; this helps you gain focus and confidence.

  • We adapt to every individuals progress

  • We stretch before every dive to promote blood flow and relax the brain.

  • We dive in beautiful locations; this can be a mix of freediving near wrecks, tranquil bays and close to large cliff edges with dramatic drop offs.

  • We focus on relaxation, not on numbers or depth. This will help you gain depth whilst enjoying the freediving sensations

  • We make sure to take you to calm locations in order to create the best environment for your relaxation.


What’s included?

  • Equipment

  • Transport to & from dive sites

  • Certification & manuals

  • Videos & photos for analysis

Freediving courses we offer in Gozo, Malta

All of the below courses are thought at the centre in Xaghra & we do provide pick-up service from the Mgarr ferry terminal.

Certification agencies : AIDA & RAID

Discover Freediving

This program is run over a day and is aimed towards those who want to taste what freediving is all about; theory & breathing exercises in the morning followed by one confined & one open water session for the price of 110€ with equipment % transportation included.

Our Discover Freediving program is open to everyone and introduces you to all the basic skills and techniques a freediver uses to equalise ears and achieve an extended breath-hold.

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Beginner freediving course level one

We offer a two or three day option for the Freediver Level 1 course. Unleash your inner aquatic abilities and set yourself free by learning all the techniques a certified freediver uses to explore the underwater beauty as well as him/herself! Price 260€ or 300€ (Two / Three day option)

Learn all the fundamental skills and knowledge for you to become an independent and confident free-diver by focusing on breathing, relaxation, safety and buddying which will lead to deeper and more peaceful dives. 

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advanced freediving course level two

Taking things up a notch; in this course you will learn one of the most sought after feelings freediving has to offer - The Freefall.  It is broken down over three days and includes two closed water and four open water sessions.

Prerequisites - Must be certified level 1 freediver from any recognised agency
Price 350€

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Freediving Excursions and Training / Half day / Full day

We offer training sessions for those who are qualified / unqualified and they will be tailor made according to your abilities. Not more than 3 people per training session to ensure quality remains at a certain standard.

Before we start we will introduce ourselves and talk about what achievements / areas you want to focus on. Sessions last for 1.5 hours in the water and include; transport (to and from dive site), water & equipment.

You will be taken to the best spots according to the prevailing weather conditions.  


We would recommend two diving sessions per day. Anything more will tire you. The cost for this is 100 Euro.

Included in the price; transport (to and from dive site), equipment & water. If you would like to go to Gozo then an additional charge of 10€ per person to cover the cost for fuel and ferry service.

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