Cirkewwa, Malta
P29 & Tugboat Rozi

Maximum depth
Maximum depth
38 metres
Underwater Topography
Underwater Topography
Rocky and Sandy
Experience Level
Experience Level
Beginner to adnvaced
Wreck name
Wreck name
P29 and Rozi

How to get there

Found in the northernmost part of Malta, Cirkewwa can be reached either by car or by public transport. Depending on where you’re staying, it may take a while for you to get there, however, there’s no chance you’ll miss it thanks to the many signs found everywhere across the island. If you’re staying in Gozo, you’ll need to take the ferry and get to Malta.

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Explore Freediving in Cirkewwa, Malta

One of the most visited dive sites, Cirkewwa offers a bit of everything – underwater cliffs, caves, tunnels, natural arches, a wall reef, swim-throughs and wrecks like the Tugboat Rozi and the Patrol Boat P29. The dive site also features a shallow area that goes by the name of Susie’s Pool, which is perfect for beginner freedivers, while halfway along the reef wall there is a statue of the Virgin Mary.

The Cirkewwa Arch, also known as the Green Arch or the Right Arch is located 12 metres below the sea’s surface and is actually a cavern whose roof has collapsed, with what’s left of it forming an arch. The reef around the arch features many small caves and hangouts, while the reef itself continues beyond the arch at a depth of 15 to 20 metres. Further out at sea, depths reach over 40 metres.

A less popular arch but as equally spectacular is the Left Arch or White Arch, situated at Paradise Bay reef. Apart from the arch itself, the area has several rock formations, boulders, drop offs and swim-throughs for you to explore.

What to look out for

If you’re a wreck enthusiast, you may pay a visit to the two most popular ones. Also known as the Boltenhagen, the P29 was originally a Kondor I class minesweeper built for the German navy to patrol the border between East and West Germany. Then in 1997, she was sold to Malta where she served the Offshore Command of the Maritime Squadron of the Armed Forces of Malta until she was scuttled in 2007 to serve as a diving attraction and artificial reef. The wreck now lies upright on her keel on a sandy seabed at 34 metres, while the bow reaches depths of around 37 metres.

On the other hand, the MV Rozi was a tugboat built in Bristol in 1958 which was eventually sold to Tug Malta in 1981 and operated in the Grand Harbour. After being decommissioned in 1992, Rozi was bought by Captain Morgan Cruises and was scuttled to become an attraction to both submarine trips and divers. Lying upright on a sandy bottom, the Rozi is located at a depth of 36 metres and it is intact except for its engine and propeller.

Both around the P29 and the Rozi Tugboat you may find barracuda, sea bream, moray eels, scorpionfish, rainbow wrasses, cardinal fish, many nudibranchs, while deeper into the wrecks you may encounter squid and calamari.

What to look out for

SCUBA diver touch the bow of wreck MV Rozi

How to dive the site

Your shore dive can start off by descending the stairs that lead into the natural alcove of Susie’s Pool. With waist-deep water, this is an easy entry point to lead you to the reef, arch and the wrecks if you wish to head out there. Embark on your freediving adventure by looking around the rocky plateau, while half way along the reef wall, you’ll spot the statue of Our Lady inside a small cave at a depth of 18 metres. Further along from this point, a large swim-through goes all the way right through the headland. The Green Arch is located along the edge of the reef and is set back from the drop-off.

Next, your dive can end by visiting the two shipwrecks. As you head south from here you’ll come across the Rozi, while a little further along and at deeper water, you’ll stumble upon the P29.

How to dive the site

Chimney shot of wreck MV Rozi

About Cirkewwa

The site of the Ferry Terminal, Cirkewwa is not a town per se and as such, it doesn’t have any infrastructure besides the terminal. Nearby, you’ll find Paradise Bay, a sandy beach where you can go for a swim and to soak up the sun, while closer to the Cirkewwa harbour, there are a few large hotels where you can dine or use their facilities.

During the summer months, boat trips to Comino also operate from here, so you may want to hop on one and visit the small island between Gozo and Malta known for the Blue Lagoon and its aquamarine water. Comino has also been the site of popular movies like The Count of Monte Cristo, in which St. Mary’s Tower is featured as the Chateau d’If, Troy and Swept Away.

About Cirkewwa

Three rocks overlapping each other forming a reef

Cirkewwa images

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is it easy to find the Rozi and P31 wrecks?

    During the summer months two special marker buoys are placed, each having an ‘X’ marker on top of the buoy. During the winter months, it is a bit trickier so it’s best to go with someone who is experienced.

  • Is it easy to find the Cirkewwa arch?

    As you enter the water from susies pool, start swimming toward the right just as if you’re heading towards the lighthouse. Once you arrive at the lighthouse, hollow the reef in a direction parallel to the road and you’ll hit the arch. At Deep Med we offer excursions to all the wrecks and swim-throughs found at Cirkewwa.

  • What wind direction is best to freedive Cirkewwa?

    Any strong wind between north-west to south would be difficult and dangerous. Any wind between north and south-east is ideal for flat, calm conditions.

  • Is it dangerous freediving and entering the wreck at Cirkewwa?

    In most cases it would be. Depending on your knowledge of the wreck and experience, these wrecks are deep. Having an experienced instructor would be best as he can show you the way in and out of the wrecks and determine if you are strong enough for these types of dives.

  • What experience do you need to freedive this site?

    Cirkewwa is a huge diving playground in itself. As you can see, there are deep wrecks, shallow swim-throughs as well as protected inlets where the bottom is visible. If you are new to freediving we suggest you look at our Molchanovs Wave 1 course, whilst if you are more experienced then the Molchanovs wave 2 or Molchanovs wave 3 would suit you best.

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