Beginner Freediving Course

We offer two options for the beginner freediving course, either two or three days. The difference is that the third day includes an extra dive. This will enable you to further train your weaknesses, give you more time to complete the skills necessary and if you like go for an exciting excursion 😃.

10% discount on any further training or excursions after completing the beginner freediving course

Course Description & information

The beginnger freediver course (level 1) teaches you all the core techniques for freediving which you will use for a lifetime; proper breathing techniques, relaxation, buoyancy skills, equalising, duck-diving, efficient finning and correct body positioning for both closed and open water.

The buddy system and safety are all covered for you to enjoy the blue in the safest way possible, giving you a ticket worldwide to join other training schools and further your skills.

You can potentially achieve a depth of twenty metres (+), whilst at the same time further your training with buddies to extend your breath hold and be comfortable with long, pleasurable & joyful dives.

Two day course price 260
Three day course price 300

Prerequisites: 12 years old, able to swim

What's included?

  • Equipment, water and energy snack (banana and dates)

  • Transport to and from dive sites / pick up and drop off from Gozo channel Ferry in Gozo

  • Study materials & Certificate from RAID

  • Videos and photos for freediving analysis

Breaking down the days

Day one - Building confidence

We will briefly go over the theory you would have read before starting with us and jump right into breathing (breathing mechanics, how and why), equalisation and breath hold training - on dry land and in the water. The goal is to build an understanding of ones body and the signals it triggers which leads to breath-holding confidence. Afterwards we will head over to the open water and have our first dive on the line.

Day two - Skills

This day includes two sessions (two open water and one closed water). We will practice skills such as finning technique, streamlining, duck-diving and vertical line diving.

Day three option - furthering skills / new personal best or excursion

You have a choice between working on your weaknesses, develop new PB’s in whatever discipline you choose or go on an exciting excursion around Malta or Gozo.

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