Freediving in Malta

Some Maltese History

Malta; situated in the heart of the mediterranean surrounded by unique deep blues and our two sister islands; Gozo and Comino. It was conquered by many over the years. From the Arabs, where the basis of our language came about, the knights of St John, who settled for a little over than 200 years - to the French (who didn’t really last all that long). Finally, the Maltese asked for some help form the Brits, where British rule lasted until 1964 and Malta finally became independent. Thousands of years of history burried beneath the sea.

Photo Credit:  Kurt Arrigo

Photo Credit: Kurt Arrigo

In the past 10 years, Malta went through a serious transformation because of our economic boom and is now home for many SCBUA divers. According to recent figures, around 115,000 divers visit our islands each year. This has to say something about freediving the Maltese waters and Malta itself - our infrastructure is fine tuned for tourism.

Freediving in Malta & Gozo

The length of the Maltese shoreline is approximately 137 km and is riddled with beaches, bays, mind blowing cliffs, caves, breathtaking harbours, picturesque valleys and a unique deep mediterranean blue.

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The west side of the islands are comprised mainly of large cliff faces, where depths can start from 10-20 metres and quickly drop. This is a benefit to advanced freedivers as there are many dramtatic vertical drops to play around with. These are all accessible, although you would need to know some areas so if you’re up for some fun then speak to us.

Photo credit: Clive Vella

Photo credit: Clive Vella

Our waters are scattered with approximately 50 wrecks, starting from 12 metres and going all the way to 94, many of which you may enter safely. Some of these wrecks were sunk deliberately and many of them are the remains of world war 1 & 2.

Photo Credit:  Kurt Arrigo

Photo Credit: Kurt Arrigo

If you're into recreational freediving then Malta, Gozo and Comino provide you with the perfect playground. Many interconnected caves offer some beautiful freedive swim throughs - a classic example being the Santa Maria caves in Comino, with rays of light beaming down from the surface, amplifying the deep blue. Some of these caves are safe to venture into if you have a basic level certification, however, locals always know best and make sure to always dive with a buddy.

Photo Credit:  Suahuatica

Photo Credit: Suahuatica

We’ve also got depth, and lots of it! As stated before, the west side of the island is deep, however the North-West prominent winds, can sometimes stop you from freediving, although in summer the winds are fairly light. 

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This is where freediving in Gozo comes into play

There is one particular spot in Gozo where freedivers are able to dive depth when a wind force of NW 7 is blowing. I’ll be leaving this map for you to figure out yourself (tip: Malta & Gozo point in a north-westerly direction), and if you're stuck then don’t forget to ask a local.

Recently, mother nature took down the famous Azure window, leaving divers with an interesting reef to explore. The reef starts from 10 metres and goes all the way down to 50, with large boulders, and at the moment, clean white-cut rock. It will be interesting to see how artificial reefs thrive in Malta considering the lack of underwater wild life.

Photo Credit: Ted Attard  The Azure window is now Azure nothing.

Photo Credit: Ted Attard

The Azure window is now Azure nothing.

Malta’s geographical location

Thanks to our geographical location, we are a top European diving destination; with over 30 airlines flying into Malta at very competitive rates. Secondly, the lowest the sea temperature hits is 15 degrees in March and highest in August at 28 degrees. This lets most people with a good suit, especially from nordic countries dive all year round. The final advantage is the lack of current, which for freedivers is extremely important - especially at beginners level.

Book your freediving course

Malta offers a playing field for freedivers starting from beginners all the way to experienced /  advanced divers. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention the great food, abundance of culture, water sports, village feasts and much more. Let LovinMalta or Visit Malta be your guide, whether you want to budget or go all out - you will surely find your fit.

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If all of this seems to fit your type of freediving holiday then check out our courses and make sure to get in touch below if you have any questions relating to freediving, accommodation or anything else you wish. Bonus video below.

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