Discover Freediving / Beginner / Full Day / 1 Confined / 1 Open Water @ 110€

Course Description

This course is for those who are not really sure if they want to commit to a certified course or just want to get a taste of what freediving is all about. In this freediving experience run over a day, you will learn breathing, relaxation and equalisation techniques a freediver uses to extend their breath hold and ultimately achieve a relaxed and joyful freedive.

There are no requirements from your end, and ultimately your instructor will set the limit of your depth based on what he sees. If you would like to continue and further your skills, then you can naturally progress to our Freediver level 1 course.

Breaking down the day

In our Discover freediving program, we cut most of the theory out and jump straight into breathing mechanics (how and why), equalisation and breath holding both in and out of water (confined water). You would have already developed certain skills which would make you confident to hold your breath and be comfortable in the water.

We will then head over to a nice, tranquil location and enjoy the skills we learnt with smiles on our faces 😄.

What's included?

  • Equipment, water and energy snack (banana and dates)

  • Transport to and from dive sites / pick up and drop off from Gozo channel Ferry in Gozo

  • Videos and photos