Freedive courses, training & excursions


Get your feet wet. This course is run over 1 day and goes over all topics related to freediving in their most basic form. Theory, breathing, confined & open water sessions. Learn more.

RAID FREEDIVER (Beginner / Intermediate 10 - 20 metres)

This course is where the real stuff happens and is a good starting point for those with previous diving experience or who are already comfortable with the underwater environment. It is also a natural progression for those who have begun with the discover freediving course. Learn more.

We also offer AIDA 2* equivalent.

RAID ADVANCED FREEDIVER (Intermediate / Advanced 20 - 30 metres)

This course introduces more advanced techniques and expands on the safety aspects of deep diving. The student will learn how to train effectively, be performance oriented and learn advanced drills and equalisation techniques. Learn more.

We also offer AIDA 3* equivalent.

Training / Excursions 

Training for those who are certified / uncertified & excursions for those who hold a certificate with any agency. Learn more.

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