Why you should choose Malta

Top European Destination

We’ve got the best diving in Europe, confirmed by leading magazines, with over 30 Airlines flying into Malta at very good rates.

Year round diving

The lowest Sea temperature goes down to just 15 degrees from January to March, leaving the rest of the year for freediving in the Maltese waters.

Crystal clear waters

The Maltese waters boast some of the most serial blue colours known to the Med - up to 40 metres visibility.

This photo was taken in Malta by Kurt Arrigo

Zero current

Because Malta is situated in the middle of the mediterranean, currents from the Atlantic Ocean start decreasing in strength from when they leave the straights of Gibralta.

Wrecks and caves

Malta and Gozo share over 40 dive sites, suitable for various levels of depth, ranging from 10 to 40(+) metres.

Another beautiful photo taken by Kurt Arrigo

Underwater topography 

The waters are very well know for their complex underwater topography: an accessible broad network of blue holes and drop-offs. Thanks to our unique blue waters, these underwater cliffs are a spectacular site to explore.


Free diving is not just about depth. Malta provides playful sites with lots to explore and have fun in. Swim throughs, wrecks and safe caves.


The history of Malta dates as far back as the 10th Century BC; there's plenty to see and do.

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The Capital City of Malta - Valletta

Parallel streets, great food, beautiful balconies, rich history, breathtaking views - A heavily fortified city to walk around and just take it all in.

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What he said

Village feasts

Top colourful fireworks display, food and drink, band music - the village feasts of Malta leave visitors with a unforgettable experience and are mainly held between the months of May and September.

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And of course... our epic sunsets

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A perfect blend of mediterranean food and much more...

You name it, we've got it. There seems to have been a direct correlation between Malta's economic boom and the food industry. Whatever your budget, you will easily find food to satisfy those tastebuds. Meals can range from 5/10€ to 60€.

Our beaches are one of a kind

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Azure Window and the blue hole

Two unique attractions in one sitting

This photo was taken by Ted Attard

This photo was taken by Ted Attard

Before you leave, please check this video

This is a beautiful video on Malta recently made by Oliver Astrologo. If you fancy his work, which i'm sure you will, then check out his instargram page.